Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Club #63


For December’s Book Club we will discussing **City of Stairs** by Robert Jackson Bennett. In this richly textured cityscape with its layers of conquered and conquering people, long-outlawed gods, and squalor and magic alike, a master spy arrives to investigate a murder. While considered epic fantasy, this isn’t your usual European high kingdom, instead inspired by czarist Russia and Mughal India, as conquered and conquerors, respectively.

Live at the Blue Box – Superhero Night


Southgate Media Groups is performing three live podcasts all about superheroes! From 6 to 7 is Nuff Said (a Marvel podcast). From 7 to 8 is a special mystery guest interview. From 8 to 9 is Channel 52 (a DC podcast). Free admission. Family friendly. The Blue Box Cafe is a block from the train

Chicago Geek Breakfast

Maybe it’s “hip” to be a geek, but what does it mean? It means we have a passion for a particular subject. We may tend to lead a non-traditional lifestyle, work a non-traditional job, and most importantly, find the traditional networking event a bit…well, bland. For us, networking is about building and cultivating relationships, sharing

Klingon Cultural Symposium

Klingon Cultural

As a part of ongoing efforts to strengthen the Federation-Klingon Empire alliance, Geek Bar Beta will host Wicker Park’s first Klingon Cultural Symposium. Featuring special guest stars such as jenbom tai-toQqul, famed Klingon pop music icon, and the cast of A Klingon Christmas Carol, this event aims to teach human attendees a little bit of

Science of a Cocktail Party – THE celebration of Chicago’s science-loving community

SOCP 2014 Banner 2 - GOOD - Nov 15

Illinois Science Council hosts its fourth annual celebration of science on November 15th with a special Guest of Honor. Dr. Marius Stan is known for his role on the Emmy award-winning show “Breaking Bad” as ‘Bogdan Wolynetz,’ owner of the carwash and notorious eyebrows. In real life, he holds a PhD in chemistry and is

Chicago Book Club Roundup – November


In addition to the monthly book club listed here, I’m adding a book podcast. The Pages Podcast is a monthly podcast where hosts Bleu Caldwell and Kate Citrin take turns choosing a book to read and discuss. They have very different taste, so expect the conversation to be lively. Also expect diversions, giggling, and lots

Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Club #62

The Girl with all the Gifts2

For November’s Book Club we will discussing The Girl with all the Gifts by M.R. Carey. Every morning, Melanie waits in her cell to be collected for class. When they come for her, Sergeant Parks keeps his gun pointing at her while two of his people strap her into the wheelchair. She thinks they don’t

Heroes & Villains: A Costume Party at Lagunitas Brewing Company


Strap on your cape and cowl—it’s time for the Heroes & Villains Costume Party at Lagunitas Brewing Company! Chicago’s newest, biggest, and best brewery is hosting a costume party on Monday, October 13. Make up a hero or villain, put together a rad costume, and come prepared to do battle with your arch nemesis! •

Super Hero Day

Super Hero Day

A day devoted to Heroes of all shapes and sizes. 11 AM Crafty fun with Wishcraft Workshop 12 PM Performance by Emerald City Theater 1 PM Super Hero Trivia with The Chicago Nerd Social Club

Chicago Book Club Roundup – October

October book clubs

October has a lot of great science fiction and fantasy book clubs in and around the city of Chicago, find one that is local to you and join in the discussion. We will continue to provide you with book clubs that make you turn pages well past midnight, discover new worlds, and reunite with old