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Tabletop Gaming is Back in Chicago

Our friends at the Chicago Game Lovers Meetup Group wrote a guest post on The RedEye website. Check it out Gaming has come a long way since you last pried Park Place out of your broke opponent’s hands. — David Zoltan You got that right! The Rebirth of Tabletop Gaming in Chicago and Beyond

Homemade Hollywood & Fan Films


(Full disclosure: a review copy was provided for this post, originally presented in longer form on Comic Related. My thanks to Chuck Moore and Continuum Books for their assistance.)  There’s a soft spot in my heart for fan films. Done usually on relatively small budgets, with no hope of financial compensation, they’re a great way

Attack of the Cons

Convention season is still upon us and I wanted to do a little highlight on things to expect at each of these. This week is Wizard World Chicago Comic Con and following that is the gaming convention Gen Con. Chicago Comic Con is taking place in Rosemont, IL from August 9th through the 12th. Wizard

An Introduction

Hello Chicago! For those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Summer—and I’m a nerd. I wanted to write you a lighthearted introductory post about how I came to accept my nerd-side, but recently I’ve been thinking a lot deeper about what classifying as a nerd means to me. So while I’ll

Location change: Science Fiction & Fantasy Bookclub #29

Since our bookclub’s usual location (Noble Tree) has closed, we’ll be moving this month’s meeting to Filter, 1373 North Milwaukee Ave. We’ll discuss our new location as well as voting on next month’s book. See you there!

Introducing Phil Kalata


Rachel Baker and Jeff Smith are happy to announce the addition of our third Board Member for the Chicago Nerd Social Club, Phil Kalata.  Phil has been previously co-hosting the Science Fiction/Fantasy Bookclub and he is looking forward to bringing his nerdiness and social event experience to the CNSC.  If you see him at an

Microsoft Certification Discount Vouchers


Computer Nerd Chris Kusek is offering Microsoft Discount Vouchers for 20% off Microsoft Certification Exams and has was nice enough to give the Chicago Nerd Social Club voucher codes to distribute as well.   The vouchers are redeemable for one Microsoft Certification Exam delivered at an Authorized Prometric Testing Center™. You must take your Microsoft

The Word is Getting Out

The launch of the Chicago Nerd Social Club has been met with an incredible response. We announced our first event on Monday, March 16th, and we are almost sold out! The Chicago Nerd Social Club has been profiled on the Chicagoist and we were interviewed on 89.5 FM on the “Brian at high noon”