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Science Fiction & Fantasy Bookclub #32


For May’s meeting, we’ll be reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. In Snow Crash, Hiro Protagonist and Y.T. (Yours Truly) investigate a new pseudo-narcotic called Snow Crash, which people experience both in real life and in the Metaverse. Join us for discussion of our current book as well as helping decide our next selection. This

Science Fiction & Fantasy Bookclub #31


For April’s meeting, we’re reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. In a postapocalyptic world, two children are sent to The Capitol from each territory as a tribute—their fate: a televised fight to the death. With the movie coming out March 23rd, we expect discussion of both book and movie. Seeing the movie isn’t required,

Science Fiction & Fantasy Bookclub #30


For March’s meeting, we’re reading Kraken by China Miéville. At the British Museum of Natural History, a giant squid specimen has inexplicably disappeared. Might a cult be involved? As Miéville himself describes, the novel is “a dark comedy about a squid-worshipping cult and the end of the world. It takes the idea of the squid cult

Location change: Science Fiction & Fantasy Bookclub #29

Since our bookclub’s usual location (Noble Tree) has closed, we’ll be moving this month’s meeting to Filter, 1373 North Milwaukee Ave. We’ll discuss our new location as well as voting on next month’s book. See you there!

Science Fiction & Fantasy Bookclub #29

How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

For February’s meeting, we’re reading How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu. In a second-rate universe, a time-travel machine repairman revisits his childhood and oh, by the way, has to rescue his father. For those who like their science fiction experimental, witty, and quite meta, this is the book to

Science Fiction & Fantasy Bookclub #28


For January’s meeting, we’re reading Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey. Anne McCaffrey passed away recently, so we’re reading the beginning of her most famous series, The Dragonriders of Pern, in which a ragged kitchen girl has the opportunity to save the world. While it may read like potential fantasy, the author and many others insist on

Science Fiction & Fantasy Bookclub #27

Last Unicorn

For December’s meeting we’ll be reading The Last Unicorn by Peter S Beagle. A fantasy children’s classic from 1968, some say its prose-poetry belongs alongside classics like The Hobbit and Alice in Wonderland. From the book: “The unicorn lived in a lilac wood, and she lived all alone. She was very old, though she did not know it,

Doctor Who 101: Third Time’s the Charm

The Tardis

Many of you are currently watching Doctor Who and curious about the show’s long history. You want to learn more about the show’s history and meet some of your fellow Chicago-area fans, but more importantly, just hang out and get your Who on! Once again, the Chicago Nerd Social Club is bringing you “Doctor Who

Nerd-o-Ween 3: Revenge of the Geek

Nerd-o-ween 2010 - 02

Chicago Nerd Social Club is proud to announce Nerd-o-Ween 3 – Chicago’s nerdiest Halloween bash!  We’ll be back at Flounders Bar and Grill, the hosts of Nerd-o-Weens past. We are once again having our awesome pumpkin carving and costume contests. Prizes will be given for the: Best Overall Costume Nerdiest Costume Most Original Costume Nerdiest

Science Fiction & Fantasy Bookclub #26


For November’s meeting we’ll be reading The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester. A classic science fiction serial originally appearing in Galaxy magazine in 1956, the novel has many characteristics of cyberpunk well before the term was coined. With influences from The Count of Monte Cristo, the action starts when the main character becomes marooned, even to