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Art Matter

May 24, 2013 @ 8:00 am - June 3, 2013 @ 9:00 pm

Design Cloud Gallery presents Art Matter, a group exhibition featuring Adam Benjamin Fung, Matthew Girson, Carrie Gundersdorf, and Sabina Ott.

Although observed and executed in various ways, the universal idea surrounding this exhibition is the universe itself.

At first glance, the sincerely painted nebulous star fields by Adam Benjamin Fung are immediately appreciated for their formal beauty. Upon further investigation, the viewing experience is somewhat obstructed by a sleek wall covering the surface. It is only at this point that the viewer begins to notice the carefully calculated shapes that serve as imprints into the surface. These gifts are manifestations of the invisible forces in the underlayer of his paintings and relate to Adam’s contemplation of dark energy and dark matter.

The collages of Carrie Gundersdorf seem to systematically create order out of chaos. Although her exploration of the cosmos feels quite personable, the elements of her subject mater come not from direct observation of the night sky, but rather through found imagery in books and magazines. Others have investigated, but she is orchestrating. Carrie points out that “the hand-made quality of [her] work is amplified through the process…rather than acting as an illustration of the found photos, the work becomes a record of [her] personal exploration of motion, space, and time—and the process of discovery itself.”

Matthew Girson arrives at his “depictions” of the night sky almost by accident. His carefully calculated and geometrically abstract language originates from representational paintings that are informed by modern vocabulary. Mixing each color of his palette with a certain percentage of black, his rendering of books on a shelf initially appear as solid black paintings. Books are informative and so are the incredibly small vibrantly colored dots scattered throughout his dark paintings that start to resemble the vast night sky. Viewers become explorers as they progress from the books (authoritative knowledge) into a state of awe.

Sabina Ott allows herself to be constantly orbited by vast concepts of matter, the cosmos, chaos, physical space, and the digital world. All of these components can serve as viable entry points to a state of universal connectedness.

Ott gravitates towards the use of mirrors because of their ability to scoop in their environment and make instant installations. They become portals of deep space, allowing the viewers gaze to blur the boundaries between what is and isn’t art.

Her use of the eye revolves around our ability to identify with its symbolism, her initial attraction to surrealism, and issues of surveillance. Her signature harlequin (diamond-like) pattern, which appears again and again throughout her work, signifies a field of eminence and a weave that can connect to all things.

“Sensation is what art forms from chaos [and Sabina’s] paintings serve as environments that amplify sensations.”

“The physical universe, then, is a kind of language that invites a spectator to decipher it, although this does not yield a single message so much as a network of associations.” Marshal Olds “Literary Symbolism”

Curated by Angela Bryant


May 24, 2013 @ 8:00 am
June 3, 2013 @ 9:00 pm
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Design Cloud Chicago
118 N Peoria Suite 2N, Chicago, IL 60607 United States


Design Cloud Chicago

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