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Chicago Doctor Who Meetup’s First-Ever “Virtual” Hangout

Sometimes, it’s hard to make an outside event…so the Chicago Doctor Who meetup is trying something unique. It’s the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup’s first-ever Virtual Meetup, via Google Hangout. Here’s how this works – if you RSVP, you will receive a link to a Google Hangout. (Tentative release is late Wednesday afternoon) . One of

Chicago Doctor Who Meetup – South Side Saturday Social on 7/16

Very often, the south side and south suburban areas of the city are forgotten….but the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup is looking to change that. Every so often, we go on “field trips”….little jaunts to hidden areas of the city to meet fans and talk Doctor Who. On July 14th, we’ll be heading to a really

Chicago Doctor Who Meetup: Pop-Up Screening 7/12

Chicago Doctor Who Meetup is holding a very special screening in July. It’s the debut of the Eleventh Doctor to our screening roster. It’s a chance to check out some of the early work by incoming show runner Chris Chibnall. And it’s a pretty good story to boot. So please join us for the Series

South Side Social/Surprise Screening – April 5th

Are you a south side Doctor Who fan who’s wondered when a meetup’s coming near you? Or want to check out a really great venue> We’re happy to announce that Chicago Nerd Social Club and Chicago Doctor Who meetup are planning an April 5th gathering in Pilsen! That’s right – we’re making an effort to

DOCTOR WHO – Series Finale Viewing Party At Red Lion Pub

It’s here – Hell Bent, the Doctor Who Series 9 Finale. No spoilers, no synopses….we’ve been following the Doctor and Clara throughout this season. We all know what’s happened. We’re all curious about what’s going to happen. And Chicago Nerd Social Club/Chicago Doctor Who Meetup want to make sure you’re there for Every. Single. Moment.


Please join Chicago Nerd Social Club and the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup for part two of the story featuring Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones. Here’s the official synopsis for The Woman Who Lived: England, 1651. The deadly Highwayman ‘The Nightmare’ and his sidekick stalk the dark streets of London. But when they find loot

Doctor Who Viewing Party At Red Lion – UNDER THE LAKE

We’ve partnered with the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup for weekly viewing parties of Doctor Who Series 9 at the Red Lion Pub in Lincoln Park. This Saturday, October 3rd, we’ll be viewing Under the Lake, the third episode in Series 9. Here’s the official synopsis from the BBC: ***When an underwater base comes under attack,

Live View – WITCH’S FAMILIAR (With Chicago Doctor Who Meetup)

RSVP – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/doctor-who-the-witchs-familiar-at-red-lionlincoln-park-tickets-18716318011 For the rest of the season, Chicago Doctor Who Meetup and Chicago Nerd Social Club are working with Red Lion/Lincoln Park on holding group viewings of Doctor Who Series 9. This Saturday, The Witch’s Familiar – part two of the season opener, and in HIGH DEFINITION. We’re tracking attendees via Eventbrite, so

Joint Social With Chicago Doctor Who Meetup

With the latest series of Doctor Who on our screens, we’ll all have an urge to get out and talk about it with other fans….. ….so the Chicago Nerd Social Club and the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup are sponsoring a great event. Come join us in a British-style pub to discuss our favorite British science

Doctor Who Premiere Viewing…In An English Pub In High Def

(Few notes: this is not the Red Lion Pub in Lincoln Square; it’s a totally different Red Lion Pub. And we are encouraging people to make a suggested donation to cover our organizing/hosting costs, and you’re responsible for your own food, tax and gratuity. Since we’re asking members to RSVP/pay their fee via Eventbrite page.