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(Special thanks to BBC Home Entertainment for providing a complimentary DVD for review) On paper, this should have worked – an animated, online version of Doctor Who to help celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary. An online reinterpretation that could have served as a creative reinvention of the show. But as history – and the recent


(Special thanks to BBC Home Entertainment for providing complimentary DVDs for review; parts of this post originally appeared in slightly modified form on Blog This, Pal!) There’s nothing quite like early 1970′s Doctor Who – unlike the whimsy and timey-wimey of the current series, many stories during Jon Pertwee’s tenure as the Doctor of the

Revisiting Classic DOCTOR WHO on DVD

(Special thanks to BBC Home Entertainment for providing complimentary DVDs available for review.) One of the many questions fans of the new Doctor Who series ask focuses around classic Who stories should they watch to gain a sense of the show’s history. Thankfully, BBC Home Entertainment is releasing Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited 1 –

The New Fan’s Guide to Watching Classic Doctor Who

With Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary in full swing, with news of both a changing Doctor and back-and-forth rumors about “lost episodes”, many new series fans want to watch the classic series, but don’t know where to start. Or worse, have to endure classic series’ fans attempts to “guide” them. So in an effort to reach

Doctor Who: Series 7 DVD Review

(Special thanks to BBC Home Entertainment for providing complimentary DVDs of Doctor Who Season 7 for review) Season 7 of new Doctor Who has been – much like Season 7 of “classic Doctor Who – a significant game-changer in terms of approach and content,providing a new context for the science-fiction television series. Thankfully, with Doctor

Third Time’s a Charm: A Review of Doctor Who – “The Bells of St. John”

(Posted on behalf of Michi Trota) Just so you’re aware, this review contains: “The Bells of St. John” – written by Steven Moffat, directed by Colm McCarthy It’s been three months and seven days since the Doctor realized that Clara the barmaid/governess and Oswin the souflee girl were one and the same and took off

A demand for agency on Doctor Who

Our member Laura Koroski examines gender issues in Doctor Who. Warning! Contains spoilers for seasons 1-7 I want to believe that the best show I’ve ever seen on television is progressive, that it treats women with the respect they deserve. Unfortunately, it’s pretty apparent upon closer inspection that those are all wishes are just that,

DVDs For Those New to (Doctor) Who

(Special thanks to BBC Home Entertainment, who graciously provided complimentary review copies of several stories listed below). It’s a classic question that many Doctor Who fans have, especially with the new season starting on March 30th: where do I start with the classic series? With so many great stories on DVD, I usually encourage anyone (as