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Chicago Doctor Who Meetup: SHORT FILM FESTIVAL


For the first time ever, the Chicago Doctor Who meetup will not be showing a classic episode…nor a new series episode. Not even a documentary or a Peter Cushing Dalek film. Please join us for the first-ever short film festival, where we’ll be viewing Steven Moffatt’s Doctor Who debut, The Curse of the Fatal Death.

Pop Up Doctor Who Screening: VENGEANCE ON VAROS

DOCTOR WHO - Vengeance on Varos

Some Doctor Who stories are known for being imaginative and escapist…and others for reflecting on contemporary issues. Vengeance on Varos is one such story. Produced in the mid-1980s, Vengeance on Varos is an insightful piece focusing on violence in media…and created a wellspring of controversy. Has it aged well? Please join the Chicago Doctor Who



Fifty years ago, Doctor Who celebrated a critical milestone, featuring the regeneration of William Hartnell into Patrick Troughton. Troughton’s debut was later wiped and lost….until now. The story, Power of the Daleks, has been fully animated with the original soundtrack…and is being released theatrically for one night only. Join Chicago Nerd Social Club and Chicago

Pop-Up Doctor Who Screening: THE ARK IN SPACE


It’s the Fourth Doctor’s second story and the first of the “classic” Hinchcliffe/Holmes era of Doctor Who. Please join the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup at LaCatrina Cafe for their monthly series of viewings….this month, featuring The Ark in Space. Simply RSVP via Eventbrite and we’ll look forward to seeing you – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pop-up-screening-the-ark-in-space-tickets-28626388298

Chicago Doctor Who Meetup Screening: THE TENTH PLANET


October, 1966 saw not one, but two key moments of Doctor Who history happen…and both were in the same story. The first was the debut of the Cybermen, second only to the Daleks as the Doctor’s greatest foe. The second – although it wasn’t called that at the time – was the Doctor’s first regeneration.

Chicago Doctor Who Meetup PopUp Screening – THE MOONBASE

Chicago Doctor Who Meetup is kicking off the 50th anniversary of the Cybermen’s debut with their first major conflict with the Second Doctor (who also celebrates his 50th anniversary). The Moonbase came in the Second Doctor’s first season, and is one of the stories with “missing episodes”. (We’ll be watching a version with two episodes

Chicago DOCTOR WHO Meetup Screening: THE WEB OF FEAR

Fifty years ago, Patrick Troughton took over from William Hartnell as the Doctor in the show’s first ever “regeneration”. Three years ago, the BBC announced the return of two “lost” – presumed wiped – episodes. In September, the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup Group and Third Coast Comics will celebrate both with an exclusive screening of

Chicago Doctor Who Meetup – Cyberversary Coffee Social

Fifty years ago, the Cybermen – the second most popular enemy of the Doctor – made their debut in The Tenth Planet. (Don’t worry…we’ll be showing that story. Soon.) We’re kicking off our Cyberversary celebration with our new monthly social – this time, we’ll be hanging out at Overflow Coffee Bar in the South Loop.

Chicago Doctor Who Meetup Pop-Up Screening: CITY OF DEATH


It’s considered the greatest Tom Baker story – as well as possibly the greatest Doctor Who story – ever produced. Yet, many fans wonder if City of Death really is that good. In our opinion – yes, it is. Written by David Agnew (or, more accurately, Douglas Adams & Graham Williams in a coffee-and-whisky-fueled weekend

Chicago Doctor Who Meetup – Summer Ice Cream Social

Yes, it’s proving to be a long summer for Doctor Who fans……so let’s get together on a Saturday afternoon for ice cream. And conversation. We’ll be meeting at Bobtail Ice Cream – convenient for public transportation, has a great selection of flavors…and for those who are interested, we’re also near a PokeStop.