The Last Defender: CNSC Weekend Discount

The Last Defender

Our friends at The House Theatre have invited CNSC members to participate in The Last Defender – part performance, part puzzle hunt, and part live-action game – in which everyone works together to investigate clues, reveal secrets, and solve puzzles in real time.

Set in 1960s Chicago, The Last Defender draws on the era’s political and social turmoil, the end of the Silver Age of comics, and impending nuclear threats to give audiences a one-of-a-kind storytelling experience.

Audiences are the heroes of the story. Players will navigate their own paranoia, as well as the stresses of Mutually Assured Destruction, to complete The Defenders’ final mission and save the world. Only 16 tickets available per evening. Ages 15 and up.

Use this link to take part in The Last Defender on Jan 22, 23, or 24 for only $20. The show runs until March 13, with tickets at $40 – $45 on later dates.

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