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Getting Nerdy About Pulp Literature

For many nerds, pulp literature may seem a bit antiquated – after all, much of it was published 80 to 100 years ago. However, pulps of all kinds provided imaginative entertainment during a harsh time, provided the raw material for much of our contemporary popular culture….and is consistently being rediscovered by newer fans Make no

The Perils of Time Shifted Television

Time shifting is one of those cool, hip terms we use today to describe how we consume media on our own schedule. The phrase is commonly used to describe DVR’ing a show for later viewing, but in it does happen with other forms of media as well. (Radio show podcasts for example) Inevitably this will


(A much longer version of this post appeared on [Comic Related]) Fandom can be a funny thing – motivated by love and admiration (with, at times, a slight hint of obsession), collective fandom can be simultaneously creative and destructive. With C2E2 coming to a close, some of the resulting issues are driving some very active

Everyone’s a Nerd Now (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Clubhouse Cred and Share My Nerd Toys With Other People)

Welcome to the Age of the Nerd The terms “nerd” and “geek” are now claimed by more than the stereotypical loners hiding in their parents basements, surrounded by comic book boxes with a game controller in hand and a jacked-up internet connection as their main link to the outside world. Computer nerds Steve Jobs and

Before Steampunk Had a Name: THE WILD WILD WEST

(A longer version of this post originally appeared on Comic Related) In our current media-saturated, cynically-ironic time, it’s easy to fall into the trap of liking something because it somehow “hits” the geek nerve – as viewers, we’re so jaded that some shows that are straightforward and simple seem…well, native. We also tend to put

Third Time’s a Charm: A Review of Doctor Who – “The Bells of St. John”

(Posted on behalf of Michi Trota) Just so you’re aware, this review contains: “The Bells of St. John” – written by Steven Moffat, directed by Colm McCarthy It’s been three months and seven days since the Doctor realized that Clara the barmaid/governess and Oswin the souflee girl were one and the same and took off

C2E2 Survival Guide

C2E2 Survival Guide How to maximize your fun and stretch your dollar It’s that time of year again. The comic book and entertainment masses are set to descend upon the great city of Chicago! It’s C2E2 one of the best cons in the nation and it’s right here in our hometown. After 3 years of

A demand for agency on Doctor Who

Our member Laura Koroski examines gender issues in Doctor Who. Warning! Contains spoilers for seasons 1-7 I want to believe that the best show I’ve ever seen on television is progressive, that it treats women with the respect they deserve. Unfortunately, it’s pretty apparent upon closer inspection that those are all wishes are just that,