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From grown-up field trips to volunteerism, for years we have provided a hub for local nerds to get together and geek out.

You can become a card-carrying member of CNSC for $15 a year, which will get you members-only access to discounts, events, and perks curated by nerds, for nerds.  Membership is currently OPEN for those who want to sign up, and every membership comes with one invitation to our biggest annual event: Nerd-O-Ween!  Please be aware that the link above is the ONLY way to register to become a paying CNSC member.  Any other fund transfers are donations and do not come with any of the perks.

We value the passions, diversity, safety, and respect of all members, and are excited to create a space filled with other self-described nerds who do the same. Check out our website, Facebook group, and page to see where we started. We’re thrilled so many have been along for the ride, and can’t wait to move into this next phase together. Join us to see where we’re going!

Please note we do not offer refunds for memberships at this time.