Nerd O’ Lanterns Needed for Nerd-O-Ween



In order to ensure that nerd levels are met we need a call to arms for all nerds in Chicago.

Our Nerd-O-ween event is almost upon us and we need help in the forms of…pumpkins. But not just any pumpkins, we need pumpkins with a bit of geeky flare.

All you need to do is carve out a pumpkin and bring it to Nerd-O-Ween, we will have postcards on hand for you to fill out your personal or business information. Anyone with a Nerd O’ Lantern on hand will receive free admission at the door.

What is nerdy to you? Gather a pumpkin and break out your Dremel tool and show us.

Full Nerd-O-Ween information is available here:
One free admission per “Nerd O’ Lantern”

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  1. [...] Update: Interested in coming to Nerd-O-Ween for free?  We are looking for Nerd O’ Lanterns and we are offering free admission to anyone that brings one to our event. [...]

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