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Sherlock 101 Panel


Chicago Nerd Social Club is putting on Sherlock 101: a great panel focusing on everything Sherlock Holmes!

A Closer Look At The Man of Steel

*(Originally presented in a much longer form on Comic Related. Reprinted with permission). There’s been a lot of talk about Superman since Man of Steel opened…. maybe too much talk. (Sorry about that, I seem to be channeling a rock video from my youth) Although most comics fans understand Superman’s importance in comics history, they

Movieoke with the Nerds


Photo by Carey Primeau The Chicago Nerd Social Club will be joining Chicago Movieoke for a night of movie scene karaoke. There are movie clips of all types in the 200 scene movie library, ready to be performed by our nerds on-stage. Costumes are provided. Come out and join us and have some fun with

The Chicago Fandom Meetup Mashup


The Chicago Fandom Meetup Mashup is meeting for a night of fun with a cross-section of Chicago fandom including door prize give-aways. ¬† Last month’s event had 81 attendees from many local meetup groups and groups represented this year will include: The¬†Chicago Horror Meetup – They may just turn you into a zombie! The horror

Transformers Promo Screening


UPDATE: We just got word from the studio that Tyrese’s appearance has been canceled. The screening will still happen though! — April 28th 3:19pm   Everyone loves giant robots. But giant robots on an IMAX Screen are twice the fun. Navy Pier will have a promotional screening of the Transformers film on April 29th at