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Doctor Who: Series 7 DVD Review

(Special thanks to BBC Home Entertainment for providing complimentary DVDs of Doctor Who Season 7 for review) Season 7 of new Doctor Who has been – much like Season 7 of “classic Doctor Who – a significant game-changer in terms of approach and content,providing a new context for the science-fiction television series. Thankfully, with Doctor


(A much longer version of this post appeared on [Comic Related]) Fandom can be a funny thing – motivated by love and admiration (with, at times, a slight hint of obsession), collective fandom can be simultaneously creative and destructive. With C2E2 coming to a close, some of the resulting issues are driving some very active

Third Time’s a Charm: A Review of Doctor Who – “The Bells of St. John”

(Posted on behalf of Michi Trota) Just so you’re aware, this review contains: “The Bells of St. John” – written by Steven Moffat, directed by Colm McCarthy It’s been three months and seven days since the Doctor realized that Clara the barmaid/governess and Oswin the souflee girl were one and the same and took off

Recap: She Kills Monsters Event

The CNSC crew took in a showing of Buzz22 Chicago’s latest production, She Kills Monsters. We heard about the project when director Scott Weinstein and Phil de Guzman, managing director for Buzz22 Chicago, reached out to us via email. I instantly fell in love with story and had to put together an event for it.

Review of Custom Lightsabers

by Lakeith Collins I’m a bit of a Star Wars geek. I can admit that. I love lightsabers. I placed 3rd in the Inaugural Nerd-o-Ween costume contest, mostly thanks to my Star Wars Mace Windu Force FX Lightsaber Collectible by Hasbro. Chicks dig the purple and gold. Anyway… When I stumbled across Ultrasabers.com and the