Almost Pi(e) Day 2013!

Almost Pi(e) Day

Date: March 17th at 4:00pm CST

Where: Open Books – 213 W Institute Place, Chicago IL

Cost: $6 in advance, $10 at the door. FREE if you submit a pie!

Register at

It’s that time of year! The Chicago Nerd Social Club is putting together our love of Pie with our love of Pi. Our annual Pi(e) Day event is here!
Math makes me hungry, so in an event to celebrate everyone’s favorite transcendental number we couldn’t leave out pie the dessert, WE aren’t irrational! We are putting out the call for our nerds to show off their math and/or pie baking skills as we celebrate Almost Pi(e) Day.

This year’s event is on the 17th of March starting at 4pm.

Contests include:

  • 4:00pm Open Event
  • 4:30pm Trivia
  • 5:00pm Pie Tasting
  • 5:30pm Pi Off, nerds recalling pi to most decimal digits

This year we’re going to try something a little different too. We’ll be soliciting some professional bakeries to also participate in the Pie Baking contest. But there will be two tracks, one for the bakeries and one for the nerds, so don’t be discouraged!



Interested in bringing a pie?
Each pie will have 1 slice saved to be tasted by our Constant Pie judges and the rest will be shared by our nerds. If you are interested in baking a pie for our event please make sure you select the correct ticket. Contact if you have any questions.

Constant Pie scoring

  • Taste = 1 point
  • Presentation = 1 point
  • Crust = 1 point
  • Nerdiness = .14 points

Total possible points = 3.14

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