Attack of the Cons

Convention season is still upon us and I wanted to do a little highlight on things to expect at each of these. This week is Wizard World Chicago Comic Con and following that is the gaming convention Gen Con.

Chicago Comic Con is taking place in Rosemont, IL from August 9th through the 12th. Wizard World is similar to San Diego Comic Con, but less of the large Hollywood presence. This year has some great guests lined up from Stan “The Man” Lee to WWE’s John Cena. To list everyone would take up too much space, but expect some big names in the comics industry as this is a comic convention. Some of the special guests do charge for autographs or photographs so maybe plan on who you want to meet specifically to budget and schedule where to line up. There will be panels, vendors and an artist alley. If you have not been to it before, my advice is expect to wait in line to meet someone or getting into panels. Also, I’d say pack some snacks and drinks to keep energy up and save some money for spending.

Gen Con Indy is a convention more focused on gaming and other areas that Chicago Comic Con may cover. I do not have any personal experience to reflect on this convention, but I only hear great things. If you are into gaming, science fiction, fantasy and much more this has plenty to offer. Their visitors range from artists and authors to game enthusiast Wil Wheaton.  I’d recommend if you are looking to stay for the whole weekend to do some research on hotels, because it is a few hours away from the Chicago area.

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