Clobberin’ Cancer

If you are looking for something fun to do this Saturday be sure to check out Core/Demo Ver.1: Let’s Clobber Cancer. The event is being put together by many people behind the scenes, but Matt Peters is the person who really got the ball rolling on this event. He is no stranger to the nerd scene as a writer for Pads and Panels or running the podcast Games, Comics and Puppies. While his mother has been battling cancer, Matt has put his own energy and passion into helping others with this event.

The idea then stemmed from Portal in a way. Matt was able to get one of the first runs of the replica Portal guns that were just jumping off of virtual shelves. Most nerds might keep it as a trophy, but this was seen as a good starting point for an auction item. When he contacted Valve to try to get it autographed to then be put up for bid, they stepped up and donated packages for the cause.

The night has an assortment of entertainment and festivities lined up. There is a line-up of the featured belly dancers and DJs who side with the Rebel Alliance. There is a planned intermission with trivia hosted by Archie Easter and a range of prizes. There will of course be the auction of many different awesome geek collectibles. Besides a Portal gun, they will be putting up NES bundles, Comedy Central videos, a special edition Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD skate deck and much more that will sell fast I’m sure.

Be sure to come out to Elastic Arts Foundation located at 2830 N. Milwaukee Ave on the 2nd Floor. The event starts at 8pm with the age restriction of 21 and up with BYOB. Proceeds from the auction will be going to the American Cancer Society. There will also be limited shirts available that will go towards local artists as well. Come hang out with a bunch geeks for a great cause that is being driven by people with passion. For more info check out the Facebook Event Page

Special  thanks to Bill Jones of Pads and Panels, who by the way is also a host for this great get together.

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