Comic Book 201 is Here!



Well we’ve spent a few months prepping for this next event. We laid the ground work down with our Comics 101 event a few months ago. What good is a 101 event without a follow up 201 event?
The Chicago Nerd Social Club and Third Coast Comics are teaming up again to bring you Comic Book 201! We’ll be digging deeper into the comic book genre including publishers, explaining that wacky thing called “continuity” and the history of comics. (What’s all this bronze, silver, golden age stuff about anyways?)

Do you have specific questions you’d like to ask? Feel free to e-mail and we’ll do our best work those questions into the presentation. No question is too noob, no question too leet. Ask away!

When: January 28th 2010 – 7:00pm
Where: Third Coast Comics – 6234 N. Broadway Chicago, IL

Can’t make this event but you’re still interested? Don’t worry, we’ll be repeating this event one more time as well as a slew of comic book related events in 2010 so stay tuned!

Be sure to sign up at our Eventbrite page


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