Five Reasons to Attend Chicago TARDIS

CNSC - TARDIS at Pumping Station One SmallWith excitement around the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, many fans are looking for an opportunity to celebrate this milestone with other fans (especially with this latest guest news). Thankfully, Thanksgiving weekend brings Chicago TARDIS, a yearly local convention that features guests and a variety of people celebrating our favorite Time Lord.

Thinking about attending? Here are five reasons to do so:

  • It’s the 50th Anniversary – Since 50th anniversaries only come once in a lifetime, this is a great opportunity to focus on celebrating a great science fiction franchise. Besides, after attending the live viewing of Day of the Doctor, you’ll definitely be in the spirit to attend.
  • It’s CTA/Pace Accessible – Although it may happen in Lombard, you can actually take public transportation: the Westin Lombard at Yorktown Mall can be reached by two Pace buslines: Route 313 (off the Green Line) and Route 322 (which starts at the Pink Line’s Central station). The Westin also provides shuttle service from Metra. For more detailed travel information, head to
  • Charity Auction – Want to find really cool Doctor Who-related memorabilia and help a great cause? This year, Chicago TARDIS is featuring a charity auction to benefit the Northern Illinois Food Bank. If you’re interested in participating in our live and silent auctions, or if you have some great Doctor Who memorabilia/merchandise to donate, please visit the Auction website and register. (You can also e-mail the committee directly at
  • Regular Updates – Feel free to check out Chicago TARDIS online, on Twitter, and Facebook. If you’re looking for information on what’s happening, you’ll find plenty of news and updates around why this is the event for Chicago Who fans!
  • A Great Way to Celebrate Thanksgiving - Rather than football and Black Friday, why not take the time to be grateful and enjoy a prolonged holiday with other Who fans? It’s something that we can all be thankful for!

Passes are still available, but there is a great possibility that Chicago TARDIS may soon be sold out – please visit and purchase your pass as soon as possible. It’s a great chance to celebrate the wonder and glory that is Doctor Who.

3 Responses to Five Reasons to Attend Chicago TARDIS

  1. Kirsten says:

    Actually Metra isn’t CTA- its an important clarification for those with Ventra cards.

  2. TARDIS Tara says:

    Three Doctors, three TARDISes. It’s party time!!!

  3. Ashley says:

    If anyone needs last minute tickets (3-day) for Chicago Tardis, I have 2 extra! I also have 2 Sunday brunch tickets. Total package is $270. There is also an extra room reservation at the Westin that can be switched to the buyer of this package. Email me if interested.

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