Help The Chicago TARDIS Charity Auction

chitardis2015Every year, Doctor Who fans from around the country gather in Lombard on Thanksgiving weekend to attend Chicago TARDIS, the largest Doctor Who-themed convention in the midwest (and second largest in the United States. One of the highlights – now in its third year – is Chicago TARDIS’ charity auction which benefits Northern Illinois Food Bank in its mission to provide help for food pantries and other organizations. But this year, Chicago TARDIS has lofty goals for the auction….and we’re asking Doctor Who fans for their help.

The Chicago TARDIS Charity Auction hopes to raise $3,000 this time around (which is about 10% greater than past efforts), and consists of two main events: a Live Auction of higher-end memorabilia and items on Friday night, and a Silent auction that happens throughout Chicago TARDIS on Friday and Saturday. (We also collect non-perishable food items throughout the conference, and those who donate receive a special ribbon). All bidders are required to pre-register online (and are assigned a number to maintain anonymity), and winning bids can be picked up on the Sunday of Chicago TARDIS.

So how can Doctor Who fans and Chicago TARDIS attendees participate in the charity auction? We have a couple of suggestions, and we always welcome fan input:

  • Donate Items for Auction – we are actively soliciting a variety of items that will engage fans willing to bid, and all proceeds go to Northern Illinois Food Bank. (For example, Bucket O’Blood Books donated some really great Live Auction prizes). We’re looking for a variety of items, including higher-end memorabilia, fan-created items like knitted scarves and art (which sells extremely well in our silent auction), as well as photos, mementos, and other items.
  • Make a Donation At Chicago TARDIS – if you’ll be attending Chicago TARDIS, stop by the booth and donate a non-perishable food item, or make a credit card payment. (Information will follow). Just show us your receipt and/or donate an item, and you will receive a very special conference ribbon. It’s our way of encouraging people to spread the word…and to make a difference. Speaking of which…
  • Can’t Make the Conference? Please Consider A Donation in Our Name – You can easily donate directly to Northern Illinois Food Bank – just visit to make a payment by credit card. Just mention “2015 Chicago TARDIS Auction” in the comments and e-mail a copy of your receipt to, and we’ll get the credit. And finally…
  • Spread the Word Via Social Media – This is where you can have the greatest impact on the Chicago TARDIS Charity Auction – simply take this post and share it via Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media. The more people we can reach, the better!

Have questions? We welcome them – please reach out to Gordon, the Auction Director, at

Thanks for reading, and looking forward to seeing our fellow Doctor Who fans at Chicago TARDIS in November!

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