Nerdologues Night


Nerdologues are a “collection of stories and scenes written by nerds for nerds.”  We are offering 1/2 price tickets for our nerds to join us in supporting the Nerdologues performances and party.  There will be games, music, performance skits, and drinks.

Retro Video Game Challenge: the Nerdologues have challenged our Nerds! Bring any Sega Genesis, N64, or Super Nintendo game to the show and challenge them to a match for reign over all of nerdom.

Nerdologues is performed by:

Caitlin Costello
Chris Geiger
Bil Kenkel
Kevin Reader
Alex Talavera
John Thibodeaux
Kevin Walsh

When: Saturday, June 12th 9:00pm

Where: Joone Studios – 1327 N. Ashland Chicago, IL 60622

Cost: $5.99 for tickets with coupon code chicagonerd

Remember: use coupon code: chicagonerd for 1/2 price tickets for the 6/12 performance

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