Review: Gorilla Tango Theatre’s Temple of Boobs 11/18/2011

by Karlyn Meyer

Gorilla Tango Theatre’s most recent installment of Geek Girl Burlesque is here: Temple of Boobs. Joining the ranks of Boobs of Khan and Fellowship of the Boobs (which should be self-explanatory even for the least nerdy), Temple is a sexy tribute to the second Indiana Jones film. More than a few Jones-related vignettes or costumes, this is a full story that plays out as a delightful homage to the film. The script is great and the girls are hilarious, delivering campy slapstick with more than a little Carol Burnette and even more booby. They are clearly having a blast on stage, and their energy spreads to the audience. Especially well cast are Indy and Short Round (who is adamant that she is–despite Indy’s constant misconceptions–a grown woman), whose chemistry will keep you on the edge of your seat for the finale.

Much talent went into this show, which showcases dancing styles from belly to ballet to ribbon to Flashdance-style striptease. The costumes and numbers are extremely creative, with pretty girls personifying everything from life rafts to spikes of doom . . . and perhaps the cleverest costume to involve a ribbon dancer, which I won’t spoil in this review. Now, even the best show can suffer from an awkward call for tips. But this show works in “passing the hat” so that it fits within the plot and even carries a sense of urgency, while still being appropriately self-referential and endearingly shameless.

Temple of Boobs is a fun, witty, racy show with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and sexy ladies to boot. And what’s better than a reboot of an epic film with all characters (and many inanimate objects) played by lovely women swiftly approaching nudity? Not much, kid. Not much.

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