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Revisiting Classic DOCTOR WHO on DVD

(Special thanks to BBC Home Entertainment for providing complimentary DVDs available for review.) One of the many questions fans of the new Doctor Who series ask focuses around classic Who stories should they watch to gain a sense of the show’s history. Thankfully, BBC Home Entertainment is releasing Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited 1 –

A Closer Look At The Man of Steel

*(Originally presented in a much longer form on Comic Related. Reprinted with permission). There’s been a lot of talk about Superman since Man of Steel opened…. maybe too much talk. (Sorry about that, I seem to be channeling a rock video from my youth) Although most comics fans understand Superman’s importance in comics history, they


(A much longer version of this post appeared on [Comic Related]) Fandom can be a funny thing – motivated by love and admiration (with, at times, a slight hint of obsession), collective fandom can be simultaneously creative and destructive. With C2E2 coming to a close, some of the resulting issues are driving some very active