Revisiting Classic DOCTOR WHO on DVD


]1 Photo Courtesy BBC Home Entertainment

(Special thanks to BBC Home Entertainment for providing complimentary DVDs available for review.) One of the many questions fans of the new Doctor Who series ask focuses around classic Who stories should they watch to gain a sense of the show’s history. Thankfully, BBC Home Entertainment is releasing Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited 1 – 4, a great package presenting four early stories and providing a great basic history of the show.

In celebration of the show’s 50th anniversary, BBC America has been television a classic series episode on the last Sunday of the month with accompanying documentary. Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited 1 – 4 focuses on the first four Doctors (ranging from 1964 to 1975) with representative stories. Thankfully, the stories chosen are dead-on classics, including:

  • The Aztecs (1964) – a Hartnell “pure historical” that focuses on not just cultural integrity, but also explores issues around changing history;
  • Tomb of the Cybermen (1967) – once lost for 15 years, this Troughton story easily earns its kudos through its creepy atmosphere;
  • Spearhead from Space (1971) – Pertwee’s first story, and which had a great influence on Matt Smith’s debut The Eleventh Hour; and
  • Pyramids of Mars (1975) – a Tom Baker story that mixes history, horror, and science fiction in a nice, enjoyable brew.


Photo Courtesy BBC Home Entertainment

This is also a great option for budget-minded fans, as each disc contains:

  • A half hour BBC documentary on each Doctor, placing him in context;
  • A widescreen “omnibus” version of each story, with special introduction by Steven Moffatt; and
  • An “episodic” version of each story.

Granted, this may seem very bare bones, but for new fans who want to dip their toes into the classic series, here is a great starter kit, and well worth purchasing via BBC America’s online shop. If you’re looking for a great opportunity to visit the classic series, the four disc Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited 1 – 4 is a great starter set.

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