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(Details about a pre-screening social forthcoming; attendees are responsible for purchasing their own tickets) This will prove to be one of the more historic – if not the most historic – regenerations in the history of Doctor Who. Please join Chicago Doctor Who Meetup as we will be holding a gathering at AMC River East

Doctor Who Christmas Special Pre-Screening Social

Doctor Who Series 10

(Please note – RSVPs would be for the pre-screening social ONLY – to purchase tickets for the 12/27 AMC River East screening, please visit fathomevents.com) Celebrate the holidays – and this historic regeneration in DOCTOR WHO history – with a gathering of fans who will be seeing TWICE UPON A TIME at AMC River East.

Doctor Who Meetup: Christmas With Donna Noble

Christmas With Donna Noble

First, let’s be clear: Chicago Doctor Who Meetup is not claiming that Catherine Tate will be making an appearance at this Meetup …but given that Donna Noble made her debut in a Christmas special, it only seems fitting to highlight her debut. So at Third Coast Comics on December 20th, we will be showing the

Doctor Who Meetup: Sarah Jane Saturday at Omega Station

Saturday With Sarah Jane

Chicago Doctor Who Meetup is working with Omega Station…and we’re kicking off the relationship with a very special event. We’re celebrating one of the greatest (if not the greatest) companion of the classic era…Sarah Jane Smith. Potential screening choices include The Brain of Morbius School Reunion Death of the Doctor Parts 1 & 2 (From

Pop Up Screening: THE NEXT DOCTOR

Next Doctor

Remember that time when David Tennant was leaving, and Russell T. Davies decided to do a “fake out” in the Christmas special…. Chicago Doctor Who Meetup does…which is why we’re holding a very special screening of The Next Doctor at LaCatrina Cafe on Thursday, December 7th. Please join us!

Doctor Who Meetup: HAND OF FEAR


Forty years ago, many Doctor Who fans’ hearts were broken…. …this was like Army of Ghosts/Doomsday, but it took place in the 1970s. And, of course, this episode reminds us that Eldrad must live. Please join us at Third Coast for The Hand of Fear.

Pop Up Screening: DAY OF THE DOCTOR


Remember about four years ago, when Chicago Nerd Social Club and Chicago Doctor Who Meetup held a mass screening of Day of the Doctor for the 50th anniversary? Well, here’s a chance to relive the excitement! It’s the 50th anniversary special…later featured in The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion Plus, it’s also an awesome story. Please

TARDIS Tuesday Halloween Party – TOMB OF THE CYBERMEN


This Halloween, rock your Doctor Who cosplays at our Chicago Doctor Who Meetup’s Halloween Gathering at Tiny Tavern. That’s right – this TARDIS Tuesday, we’re featuring the Second Doctor classic Tomb of the Cybermen, featuring the late Deborah Watling. The Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria encounter an archaeological team on the planet Telos, a planet with

Doctor Who Meetup: STATE OF DECAY


So you’ve always wanted to check out classic Doctor Who….but don’t know how to get started. Check out Chicago Doctor Who Meetup’s October meetup at Third Coast comics, where we’ll be showing State of Decay. It’s from 1980, and answers the question, “Has the Doctor ever fought vampires in a parallel universe?” Yes, he has….but

TARDIS Tuesdays at Tiny Tavern: BRAIN OF MORBIUS


As part of our TARDIS Tuesday at Tiny Tavern series, Chicago Doctor Who Meetup is presenting a story that makes sense for October…. The Brain of Morbius Aka “The one that’s kind of like Frankenstein” Aka “The one with the many faces in that one sequence” Aka “*The one that serves as a prequel to