Tales of Noble Improv Yore

One of the great things about Chicago is that we have a long history of improv comedy via Second City. Thankfully, a new improv show at Donnie’s Skybox Theater provides not just a great introduction to improv comedy, but is also a pretty enjoyable time in its own rite.

Ye Olde Sketch Show is a revue put on by the Bubonic Players, a small group that performs a series of sketches with a definite renaissance theme. Many of the sketches focus primarily on “modern” issues, but tend to take place within a medieval context.

If you’re looking for an elaborate production….well, this is sparse, like many Second City performances. However, even with minimal props, the troupe performs admirably – you, too, will laugh as a medieval marketing agency argues about spells. Or a medieval couple expresses their feelings as their daughter overhears. Or a young man tries to impress his girlfriend’s father…who happens to be an apothecary.

The only real complaint is that the show feels a little too short…but only because this troupe of improvisers are really good, and you want to spend more time with them.

Ye Olde Sketch Show runs through mid-December, and prices are affordable. For more information, check out the Second City web site.

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