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Roleplaying Games 101


So you’ve probably heard about the game Dungeons and Dragons or maybe just Roleplaying games in general. But maybe you never had the chance to jump into an adventure as a dwarf or a paladin to rid the world of evil. Well now is your chance! Chicago Nerd Social Club is teaming up with Medieval

CNSC Podcast: Episode 4 – The Apocalypse is No Fun

We’ve got a great episode lined up for you today! We sit down and chat with former board member Phil Kalata. We also get a review from Paul and Anne of the CNSC Book Club as they review The Princess Bride Episode 4 – The Apocalypse is No Fun If we missed something in the

She Kills Monsters (Again!)

UPDATE It turns out that the showing will be at 4:00pm on April 6th, not the usual 8:00pm She Kills Monsters (Again!) Date: Saturday April 6th at 4:00pm Location: Steppenwolf Theatre Company 1650 N Halsted Street, Chicago IL Cost: $15 per person. (registration required) Register at: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/5857175971 We enjoyed the show so much that we’re