Chicago Doctor Who Meetup – Meetup Social (Oak Park)


It’s that time again – Chicago Doctor Who Meetup is kicking off with a member social! Please join us at Connolly’s Public House in Oak Park – it’s conveniently located by the Harlem/Lake Green Line station, and should be easy for both city and suburban Who fans to attend. Please join us for great food,

A Saga Tribute Play


Saga is an ongoing monthly comic book created by Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughn. This play is a tribute to their work. Actually, maybe its not a play, per se, more of an event, but I’m positive it’s theater. This theater/event/play will be a unique experience for you, and I won’t deny the risk

A Disappearing Number at TimeLine Theatre


TimeLine Theatre presents a new and rare staging of this exquisite, internationally acclaimed play about love, math, and how the past and future connect. In 1913, a clerk in rural India named Srinivasa Ramanujan sends a letter to famed mathematician G.H. Hardy, filled with astonishing mathematical theorems. In the present, a math professor and a

Moon, Prism, Power! A Sailor Moon Musical Parody: Epishow 1

Epishow 1 is the first installment of our 6 part series, MOON, PRISM, POWER! A SAILOR MOON PARODY EPISHOW 1 Feb. 12th @ 7 PM Feb. 19th @ 7 PM Epishow 1 starts us off with the adventures of Serena learning her identity of Sailor Moon, as well introducing us the beloved Sailor Scouts Mercury

Juggernaut Film Festival: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival


The Juggernaut Film Festival is a one-day event to celebrate Science Fiction and Fantasy short films from around the world. It is presented by Chicago’s Otherworld Theatre Company, whose mission is to further explore and promote the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre. The festival prides itself for bringing together the community- from cinema enthusiasts, filmmakers,artists, and casual movie-goers

Almost Pi(e) Day

Almost Pi(e) Day 2017

Join us for our 7th annual Almost Pi(e) Day! With C2E2 coming up on April 21st – 23rd, The Chicago Nerd Social Club is mixing its annual events, Pre-C2E2 Meet ‘n Greet! and Almost Pi(e) Day. We aren’t just math fanatics; it’s more of an excuse to mingle with your fellow nerds and maybe make

Creatures on the Loose!


Creatures on the Loose is a two hour puzzle game, packed into a briefcase. Ten terrible creatures, each from an alternate dimension, have been let loose to wreak havoc on our town. You will need to break into the briefcase, find the creatures, and figure out who is causing all this mayhem. It’ll take you

Chicago Doctor Who Meetup Pop-Up Screening: CURSE OF PELADON


This story provides answers to three major questions: When is the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup going to show another Third Doctor story? Has Doctor Who/strong> ever been influenced by Star Trek? and Is there a way that Doctor Who relates to Brexit in a very roundabout manner? Join us in February at Third Coast Comics

An Evening With Veronica Roth


An Evening with VERONICA ROTH! Celebrate the release of best-selling author VERONICA ROTH’s new novel CARVE THE MARK! The author of the DIVERGENT trilogy will be on-stage in conversation with Sarah Enni of the podcast “First Draft.” Audience members will have a chance to ask questions. ALL books sold will be autographed, but 100 lucky

The House Cup: A Harry Potter Drinking Competition


Do you know enough Potter to have studied at Hogwarts? See how your knowledge of the Harry Potter universe stacks up against the experts at The House Cup, a live drinking show at Under the Gun Theater dedicated to all things magic. Four Harry Potter experts and each audience member will be sorted by house,