Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Club #46

jumper Book Cover

For July’s Book Club meeting we will be discussing Jumper by Steven Gould. Jumper tells the story of David Rice, a teenager who escapes an abusive father using his ability to teleport. And as David explores his new power he learns that the world is literally his for the taking. But there are consequences too.

Gould makes an auspicious debut with this playful and moving look at a hallowed science fiction concept: teleportation. Gould gives us no teleportation chambers, no shimmery beaming a la Star Trek , no worries about mingling one’s own molecules with a fly’s–here only one person can teleport, and he has no idea how he does it.

What we discussed at the last book club meeting:

For June’s Book Club meeting we read Dead Witch Walking, the first of The Hollows series by Kim Harrison. This urban fantasy novel starts from the premise that both superpowers invested in genetic engineering during the Cold War instead of engaging in the Space Race, leading to a virus spread by tomatoes that wiped out much of the human population. During this event, many supernatural species revealed themselves and have been living among humans ever since.

In spite of the terrible cover illustration and misleading back blurb, this isn’t vampire smut. Just a fun time with an interesting cast of characters. We enjoyed the world building and mythology surrounding all the fantasy creatures, and liked how magic works in this universe, how creating a spell is a huge effort that most witches would rather avoid, and the ways in which things can backfire.

When: Monday, July 8th, 2013 — 6:30pm-7:30pm

Where: Filter 1373-75 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL

Cost: Free

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